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To inspire the vibrant health of people and our planet. We embody a culture of well-being through high-quality, accessible, fun, and personalized botanical solutions.

Featured Appearances, Invited Workshops & Talks

Featured Appearances, Invited Workshops and Talks

  • Herbal Expert for BloomTV: 2021
  • Guest on the Modern Eater Show, Denver, CO: November 2020
  • Virtual Presentation & workshop at the Balfour, “Ethnobotany in the Amazon Rainforest“, Denver, CO: May 2020
  • Featured on the TroubleMakers Podcast March, 2020
  • Invited speaker for Coloradopreneurs podcast, Denver, CO: February 2020
  • Presentation & workshop at the Balfour, “History and Health Benefits of Chocolate“, Denver, CO: February 2020
  • Invited vendor for Colorado Lending Source’s Holiday Mart for Entrepreneurs, Denver, CO: December 2019
  • Featured in VoyageDenver Magazine’s Local Stories, Los Angeles, CA: October 2019 
  • Healthy Crafty Cocktails Corporate Wellness Workshop for Udemy, Denver, CO: September 2019
  • Featured on the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center Success Stories, Denver, CO: May 2019
  • Invited speaker on the Modern Eater KOA Radio Show, Cocktails & Sexual Wellbeing, Denver, CO: October 2018
  • Invited speaker for Not Another Wellness Podcast, Health and Well-being with Herbs, October 2018
  • Denver Start-up Week Products In Real Life (IRL) Showcase featuring Wild World Bitters, Denver, CO September 2018
  • Women’s luncheon talk at the Balfour, “Holistic Women’s Health,” Denver, CO: July 2018
  • Business Showcase at National Small Business Development Center Day, Denver, CO: March 2018
  • Stanford University Sexual Health & Wellbeing presentation, Stanford, CA: March 2018
  • Mom UP Project showcase speaker, “Sexual Health & Wellbeing”, Denver, CO: January 2018
  • Arapahoe Community College Holiday Craft Fair vendor, Littleton, CO: December 2017
  • Littleton Craft Fair vendor, Littleton, CO: October 2017
  • Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce small business spotlight article, “A Budding Business: Bridget’s Botanicals : September 2017
  • Reinhardt Chiropractic presentation, “Winter Remedies” Glendale, CO: September 2017
  • Trout Tank Pitch Finalist, Denver Metro Small Business Development Center, Denver, CO: August 2017
  • Green Drinks sponsor featuring Wild World Bitters, Denver, CO: July 2017
  • Cocktails on the Rocks Event, Red Rocks, CO: June 2017
  • Cocktail bitters pre-release tasting event  & presentation for Johnson & Wales University Mixology class, Denver, CO: April 2017
  • Nutrition Therapy Institute presentation, “How Do Herbs Impact Our Health?”, Denver, CO : April 2017
  • 5280 Magazine online article feature, “Local Herbalist Gives First Aid a Plant-Based Twist” Denver, CO: March 2017
  • Oasis Women’s Sexual Function Center presentation, “Herbs for Women’s Sexual Health”, Santa Monica, CA: January 2016
  • Functional medicine presentation, “Bitters for Digestion”, Denver, CO: December 2016
  • Functional medicine presentation, “Herbal Antibiotics”, Denver, CO: October 2016
  • Colorado Asthma and Allergy Center Employee Health & Wellness Fair, Denver, CO: June 2016
  • Business showcase at the Women in The Mix Conference Denver, CO: April 2016
  • Invited beverage tasting event participant with Elderberry Magic Syrup at the “Medicinal Herb Farming & Gardening Conference” in Port Townsend, WA: April 2016
  • Vendor at the Denver Flea, Denver, CO: April 2016
  • Invited Health Vendor for PepsiCo. Employee Health Fair, Denver, CO: February 2016
  • Elderberry Syrup for Health & Cocktails Class FEATURED in 5280 Magazine’s November 2015 article, “Winter in The City”
  • Elderberry Syrup featured at downtown Denver’s Hapa’s Valentine’s Day cocktail menu February 2015

Meet Bridget

Bridget Molloy, MAT, Founder, Certified Herbalist, & Women’s Health Expert

Bridget grew up in Littleton, Colorado with fresh food and herbs from her family gardens, and camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. With a love for herbal teas at a young age, and family roots of her Grandfather planting ginseng in the hills of Iowa and making dandelion wine, Bridget was inspired to understand traditional botanical healing practices and the physiological impact of herbs within the body. She has been practicing herbalism over the past 11 years and is an expert on women’s sexual health & wellbeing.

While teaching community classes and doing in-home parties for women for over 13 years across the US, Bridget was inspired to develop her natural product women’s health line to support the stories and health concerns that came up during her work with hundreds of women, ranging from fertility to trauma. The need for a basic understanding of both how to effectively use natural health products, how they work within the body, and where to find high quality natural products became evident, especially for women’s sexual health. 

Founded in 2014, Bridget’s Botanicals has formulated and manufactured over 40 products and developed 30 community classes, 2 courses, and an online course portal. Each health product is formulated based on current scientific research combined with traditional global healing practices and manufactured in small batches here in Colorado, from sustainably sourced organic botanicals. 

Bridget has studied molecular biology, pharmacology, and herbalism around the world, thus developing a strong drive to connect people to our planet and the medicinal properties of plants. As a life-long scientist and science educator, one of Bridget’s many passions is teaching about the benefits of herbs for our health. Inspiring and empowering others to be knowledgeable about the interconnectedness of health and the environment, is a pillar of Bridget’s Botanicals. 


Education & Training

  • University of Colorado at Boulder: graduate courses in chemistry & physics science education; NSF Master Teacher Fellow
  • Boston University: MAT (Masters of Art in Teaching) in science education for biology & a Graduate Certificate in Global Ecology Education with Dr. Douglas Zook
  • Georgetown University: graduate courses in Pharmacology & Medicinal Plants
  • Harvard University: graduate courses in Biochemistry & in Medicinal Chemistry of Psychiatric Drugs
  • Bastyr University: Botanical Medicine course in Italy
  • University of Colorado at Boulder: BA in molecular, cellular & developmental biology and also in ecology and evolutionary biology
  • Kinvara, Ireland: Ireland Herb School in Celtic herbalism & spirituality with Tonja Reichley
  • EcoTeach & Arizona State University: Amazon Rainforest ecology and medicinal plant studies
  • Bacalar, Mexico: Naturopathic Health Clinic volunteer & Mayan medicine apprenticeship
  • Belize and Guatemala: Independent ethnobotany studies in Mayan medicine
  • Spiral Path & Herbal Warrior: Community Herbalist Certification with Tonja Reichley, Denver, CO
  • Commonwealth Center of Holistic Herbalism: advanced apprenticeship with Ryn Midura and Katja Swift, Boston, MA
  • Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism: community classes with Guido Mase, Betzy Bancroft, and Larken Bunce
  • Arts & Science of Herbalism: with Rosemary Gladstar
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