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Your Cup of Tea Explained: Phytochemistry

Jun 23, 2021

For more than 5,000 years humans have been using our plant allies to help aid, support and nourish our bodies. So, let’s take a deeper look into plants, their constituents, also known as Phytochemistry, and how they interact generally within our own unique body systems.

Celtic Traditions of Imbolc

Feb 1, 2021

As it feels that we are just scratching the surface of our winter season here in Denver, today, February 1st, the Earth stirs under our feet. While Spring won’t arrive until another month and a half, we may feel today we can celebrate the Celtic holiday, Imbolc. Also known as Candlemas and Brighid’s Day in […]

Horny Goat Weed: Not just an aphrodisiac

Jan 11, 2021

As I sit here reflecting on this past year, a sense of deep compassion overcomes me as I think about the wellbeing of our global community. We are well into the pandemic, actually, approaching the year anniversary of when America went on its first shut down. It seems like stress is at its highest, energy […]

How to Train Your Brain for Arousal and Overall Better Health

Feb 13, 2020

Recently I had dinner with a female friend and among the cocktails and dim lighting of the restaurant weengaged in an age-old practice: girl talk. My friend leaned in closer and whispered to me with a glint ofmischief in her eye, “I’m writing erotic fiction!”. After discussing the plot and characters, my friend toldme something […]

The Startling Effectiveness of Elderberries for Flu Treatment

Oct 9, 2019

Flu season. Those two words are enough to make parents, teachers, and doctors run to the store to stock up on disinfecting wipes and medications. We all know that the flu can take you out of commission for longer than most viruses. It will leave you shivering and sweating on the couch watching bad TV, […]