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How Bitters Aide with Digestion


How Bitters Aide with Digestion My visit to Italy in 2009 is when I discovered the joy of bitters. I was introduced to them when I learned that many people who live there drink aperitifs and digestives before or after meals. At first I was enamored because they are like a small and delicious liqueur […]

What Should You Believe About Yoni Eggs? Part 2


What Should You Believe About Yoni Eggs? Part 2 I’m continuing my series on yoni eggs from Part 1 Atoms, Ions, Physics and Gemstones “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla It is widely believed that stones carry vibrations within them […]

What Should You Believe About Yoni Eggs?


What Should You Believe About Yoni Eggs? Part 1 There have been some stirrings in the media recently about yoni eggs and since I include these gemstone eggs in some of my Women’s Health Sets I wanted to address some of the issues and share my thoughts. Let’s start with the history behind yoni eggs […]

Fall Equinox Herbs


Fall Equinox Herbs for Health & Harvesting On September 22 we experienced the Fall Equinox, the second time of year when there is an equal amount of dark hours and daylight hours. The other instance of this is around March 20, with the Spring Equinox. And as we move into fall, we are of course […]

6 Spring Herbs for Detoxification


The days are getting warmer, the evenings grow longer, new growth has sprouted, and the wind blows in the new season of Spring. A perfect time to cleanse our body, build our immunity, and rejuvenate our systems from harmful internal and external toxins. This is the perfect time to help aid our organs including the […]