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Rainforest Remedies


During my trek through Belize in August I was introduced to the fascinating plant Jackass Bitters, what more or less seems like a cure-all in the Mayan rainforest. Sure enough as it’s name indicates, this plant is quite bitter, and contains a potent anti-parasitic bitter compound called sesquiterpene dialdehyde. During my adventure, I was fortunate […]

A Taste of Tobago


Though a small island, the rainforest of Tobago is packed with medicinal plants, gorgeous birds, and stunning waterfalls. Check out more pictures from our trip! …My favorite plant in Tobago was called Christmas bush. Fitting for the fact that the holidays had just passed. The fresh leaves of this plant are boiled and made into a tea, […]

Pumpkin Delights


It is time for pumpkins! Recently I went for my annual walk in the Littleton Historical Museum’s pumpkin patch. While pumpkin pie is a well known tasty treat, this happy round vegetable can also be made into a delicious coconut-curry-pumpkin stew. Additionally, do not underestimate the power of seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a wonderful source […]

Back to School Boost


  It’s that time of the year again for school to start! Whether you are sending off your little ones, taking college courses, or gathering for a late summer conference, tucking some natural preventative health tips in your pocket will certainly benefit you. While I was directing the 9-12 science program at a local Denver […]

Herb Farms & Plant Treasures


Herb farms are little gems! This past weekend I visited Desert Canyon Herb Farm in Canyon City, CO with a group of my herbal friends, relished in the beautiful weather, and picnicked by the river. While emptying my wallet from splurging on over 30 different species of medicinal plants was my plan all along, what […]