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Getting Pregnant Naturally

May 23, 2019

The month of May is the perfect time to discuss fertility and pregnancy. On May 1 parts of the world celebrated the Gaelic holiday, Beltane, known as May Day in the U.S. Traditional Beltane activities include jumping over a broom for increased fertility, braiding hair or putting ribbons in the hair, all in the name […]

The Surprising and Wonderful Health Benefits of Dandelions

Apr 10, 2019

Dandelion for Detox, Digestion, and Beyond Ahh, Spring! You start to survey your yard and are pleased to see the grass greening up, the iris leaves poking up through the ground, and new growth on the trees. But the one thing you may not be pleased to see is dandelions! These plants have gotten a […]

Spring Goddess Salad

Mar 20, 2019

Happy Spring Equinox! Hope you can join me at my class on herbs that are fabulous for Spring detox to get the season off to a fresh new start, with a rejuvinated and supported mind body and spirit. To support your season, enjoy this delicious simple Spring Goddess Salad recipe below. For more botanical education […]

The Science of Aphrodisiacs

Mar 1, 2019

When you think about aphrodisiacs you might think of kooky witches stirring a cauldron and selling a bottled love potion to the villagers who are hoping to have someone fall in love with them. Even though the idea of aphrodisiacs may seem the stuff of fairy tales, there is actually science behind it–and I believe […]

For the Love of Botanical Chocolate

Feb 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day is here, which, depending on how you feel about it, either conjures visions of red roses, greeting cards, cupid’s arrow, and candies, or makes you gag and want to stop reading at the mention of the syrupy word. But don’t leave! We are going to talk about chocolate! Before we dive in it’s […]