Herbs for Women's Sexual Health & Well Being

Dive into your sexual health and wellbeing for 4 months with over 30 of direct classroom and field trip hours during this wholesome, delicious, and empowering course. Learn about different areas of sexual health and wellbeing, how to make and use specific herbal remedies, and work with your mind and body to become the best version of yourself. Build and take home your own personal apothecary/medicine cabinet specific for women's sexual health & wellbeing. Start your journey! See details below.

Course Curriculum:

Part 1: Botanicals for Women’s Health and Physiological Concerns
Part 2: Botanicals for Hormones and Life Changes
Part 3: Botanicals for Sexual Wellbeing and Vitality
Part 4: Botanicals for Your Sacred Feminine Self

There will be an opportunity to receive a certificate in “Herbs for Women’s Sexual Health & Wellbeing” based on completion of course requirements & attendance.



Select Saturdays beginning February 2019 plus 3 field trips. Includes course binder with handouts, all materials (excluded books), remedies and field trips.

$625 Pay in Full and save $75

$700 Pay Monthly $175 for four months

$200: If you are interested in sitting in on one of our classes as a health practitioner to learn more about herbs and integrating them into your women’s health practice, consider the Single Day Pass, which includes materials, remedies, and full day session of choice.

Apprenticeship 75% discount with work-study trade. Please contact info@bridgetsbotanicalworld.com if you are interested in this.


5 Saturdays monthly February through May 1:00 – 5:00PM + 3 field trips 


The Apothecary Loft in People House at 3035 W. 25th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Your Teacher:

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