Wild World Bitters

Wild World Bitters features 3 extract flavors from organically sourced herbs from around the world, providing a fun and easy way to use botanicals in craft cocktails, lemonade, and cooking. These bitters bring to light the plant origins, environmental connection, and the incredible vibrancy of the wild world into your cocktail glass. 2% of sales support our rainforest and ocean conservation projects to protect the earth that provides these incredible flavors.
Bitters, better known as aperitifs, have been traditionally used in Europe for thousands of years before and after meals to assist with digestion. Key phytochemical compounds found in each of these herbs have been extracted in our bitters for the same benefit. Other compounds that have been scientifically researched and traditionally used for their aphrodisiac and mental stimulating properties make Wild World Bitters unique beyond their digestive properties, adding just a bit more of an exciting botanical twist & fun to your experience!