90 Day Wellness Program

3 month coaching program $997.00

6 health consultations
one on one support
custom herbal formulations
resources, recipes, and tools

raise your vitality

Coach with Bridget to raise your joy, vitality, and wellbeing through the use of herbs and holistic health practices. Bridget specializes in sexual wellbeing, women’s health, anxiety, and stress management.

the power players

tea blends to enhance your wellbeing
tinctures to support your physiology

how it works

Let’s raise your wellness and vitality! This program is conducted over 6 coaching calls. Each coaching call is 50 minutes and will include follow-up notes and resources to check out and or implement before your next session. Don’t worry, if you get stuck, you will also have email support during the program where you can reach out and ask questions or for feedback to help keep you on track. You will also have access to your botanical wellness portal with downloadable resources and guides, and get to enjoy a discount on products and custom formulations during the program. 


Bridget has been working 1-1 with clients with sexual wellbeing and women’s health for 15 years. She has been practicing herbalism and formulating for over 10 years and has traveled the world to study different healing traditions and botanicals.

She holds a degree in molecular biology from CU Boulder, has completed graduate studies in botanical medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology at Bastyr University, Harvard University, Georgetown University. Additionally she holds a Masters in Teaching for Science Education and Graduate Cerificate in Global Ecology Education from Boston University.

We will hold our coaching calls on the same day of the week at the same time every other week. If you need to make adjustments or shift your schedule, we will work with you to do so!

Herbal products such as teas, tinctures, and custom blends are not included in the cost of the wellness program, as this will vary by each individual. However, we are excited to offer you 30% off of our product line during your 3 month program.

I’d love to hop on a connection call and make sure that this will be the right fit for you. Click here to book a connection call and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might still have!

We do not accept insurance or payment plans for this program at this time.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss other possible options, as we would like to make herbalism and wellness accessible for those who are low income or need additional assistance.


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