Stress Stopper Botanical Extract

2 oz (60 mL) $32.00

plant-based, crafted with pure, organic botanicals
no synthetics or added chemicals
safe to add to beverages and foods
formulated with Chinese rhodiola and American tulsi

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nourish & balance your body inside & out

Formulated with a botanical adaptogen blend that supports stress and energy management. Restore your body’s natural cortisol levels and adrenal function with rhodiola. 

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Several studies have found Rhodiola, Rhodiola rosea, is one of the leading adaptogens, plants that counteract adverse physical, chemical and biological stressors. These non specific responses stimulate the nervous system, soothe fatigue, enhance work performance and increase mental alertness. Several studies have also found rhodiola to be supportive in easing feelings of depression and anxiety.

Source: Rhodiola rosea: a versatile adaptogen. (2005)

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Using botanicals is all about the consistency to see amazing results. Within just a few weeks with this natural approach, your body and mind will feel a sustained difference as your body comes back into balance and actively supports stress management and energy.

It is important to use Stress Stopper daily, just like a daily vitamin. Enjoy 30 drops two times daily in your favorite beverage. Shake before use.

Organic Alcohol, Organic Rhodiola, And Organic Tulsi


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