Cramp Stamp: Botanical Extract


Smile upon menstrual or muscular cramps with this global botanical blend designed to make these moments easier. Formulated with European cramp bark, South American passionflower, and Indonesian cinnamon. Crafted with organic ingredients. 


2oz. tincture to use during your moon time of the month to help ease cramps and reduce inflammation. 

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Experience ease and consistency during the ebb and flow of your monthly cycle. With formulas designed to make you more comfortable and regular, our Menstruation products provide a natural way to promote relief from PMS, cramping, pain, and bloating. Irregular periods are often caused by lifestyle events. Tune into your moon cycle to learn how to best support and regulate it with our herbal formulations. Along with addressing these common discomforts, our formulas also help to harmonize your hormones, which can be an underlying cause for so many discomforts in the first place.


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