Wound Wizard: Salve


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This combination of herbs and oils is designed to help soothe skin irritations and address minor cuts/wounds. Wound Wizard contains comfrey leaf, which is a powerhouse of phyto-compounds that promote cell regeneration and soothes inflammation. Great for scabbed over cuts, irritated/cracked cuticles or chapped lips, bee stings, bug bites, and or dry rashes. Color may vary per batch. 2oz. Keep out of direct sunlight.
Apply a thin coat of salve onto the cleaned (if possible) and affected area as needed. Do not use on puncture, deep, or surgical wounds.


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  2. Andy M.

    I’ve used a number of wound-healing ointments in my day, and nothing compares to this stuff. It’s astonishing how quickly minor cuts and blisters disappear. When I say it’s magical, I’m not exaggerating! I get requests for it from friends around the world after introducing it to them during my travels. Makes a brilliant gift for anyone with a tendency to collect nicks & scratches (like me).

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