Emotional Wellbeing Set


Embrace, acknowledge and move easily through feelings of trauma, heartbreak, sadness, and frustration with uplifting botanicals into our Emotional Wellbeing products. These botanical formulations have been designed to support your mind, spirit, and body.

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Embrace, acknowledge and feel more ease while navigating through feelings of trauma, heartbreak, sadness, and frustration with uplifting botanicals into our Emotional Wellbeing products. We have formulated our products with herbs known for their calming effect on the nervous system, and their energetic healing properties for courage and grounding. Step into confidence and feel empowered during your healing journey. The psychology of our emotions has a profound impact on our physiology and what we manifest in our lives. Emotional wellbeing is a vital key to optimal women’s sexual health and wellbeing.

  • Serenity Aromatherapy Mist 2oz: When you are anxious, overwhelmed, struggling or experiencing trauma or heartbreat, enjoy being guided into mindful, peaceful presence with this comforting blend.
  • Empower Me Tea 1.5oz, makes 30 cups: Empower your being with this botanical blend based off of rich Celtic traditions. Energetically infuse your spirit with strength, courage, and determination from these gentle yet powerful herbs to help you navigate and move through life’s challenges.
  • Love Botanical Extract 2oz: Connect to abundant self love and partnerships with this triple blend of botanical extracts including comforting elderflowers, bold roses, and joyful lemon balm.  
  • Relief Essential Oil Roller .33oz: Uplift your mind, cool your body, and relieve tension with this peppermint essential oil blend. 
  • Sacred Sage Smudge, 4″ bundle: Burn to clear negative energy in your space

Add On:

  • Sacred Healing Herbal Yoni Steam Blend (coming soon!)
  • Rhodonite Yoni Egg (GIA Certified, drilled, comes with organic hemp string)

Additional information


Serenity Spritzer: Distilled water, organic rose water, organic witch hazel, and an essential oil blend of rose geranium, frankincense, and tangerine.
Empower Me Tea: Organic borrage, organic elderflower, organic lady\\'s mantle, organic calendula, organic rose, and organic yarrow
Love Botanical Extract: Organic alcohol, organic rose petals, organic lemon balm, and organic elderflower
Sacred Sage Smudge: Sage bundle
Coming soon! Sacred Healing Yoni Steam: Organic chamomile, organic rose, organic mugwort, organic borrage, organic lady\\'s mantle


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