Fertility Set


Nourish and build your womb’s nest to encourage fertility and the cultivation of new life. Journey through natural fertility with our optimized botanical formulas that promote pregnancy. Contains a 1 month supply of botanical formulations and instructions for optimal use.

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Feel bountiful life force flowing within your body during your journey towards pregnancy. Nourish and build your womb’s nest to encourage fertility and the cultivation of new life with our herbal Fertility products. Botanicals used in these formulations have both been traditionally used for and scientifically linked with to cycle regulation and optimal nourishment, overall supporting your body’s preparation for fertilization.

Each set contains a 1 month supply and directions.


Core 4 Includes:

  • Hormone Harmony Tincture 2oz.
  • FertiliTea 1.5oz.
  • New Life Aromatherapy Mist 2oz.
  • Relax Soaking Salts 2oz.
  • Womb Massage Oil 2oz.
  • Receive Herbal Yoni Steam Blend 2 vials
  • Fertility Tracking Chart

Add On:

  • Rose Quartz Yoni Egg to strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Additional information


Hormone Balance Tincture: Organic vitex, organic rhodiola, organic white peony
Womb Massage Oil: Organic apricot seed oil, organic vitamin E oil, organic essential oil blend
Nest Building Tea: Organic nettles, organic raspberry leaf, organic milky oat tops, organic red rose, organic wild yam, organic dandelion leaf, organic lemon balm, organic ginge root, organic licorice root
Fertile Grounds Bath Soak: Himalayan pink salt, and crushed rose petals, lavender
New Life Spritzer: Distilled water and organic blend of essential oils
Receive Yoni Steam: Organic elderflower, organic oatstraw, organic rose, organic ginger


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