Frolic Wild World Bitters

1 oz $15.00

Makes 15-20 drinks
Floral flavor for cocktails, mocktails & baking
Crafted with all organic ingredients
No artificial flavors or additives

get in the mood, naturally 

Frolic is a delightful botanical extract to flavor drinks and desserts. It’s floral blend of lavender, rose, and damiana will arouse your senses and surprise your taste buds with delight as you add it to your date night cocktails or mocktails.

the power players


plant profile


Lavender has an exquisite floral flavor that is perfect for balancing beverages due to it’s bitter compounds that can be extracted from lavender buds. The tiny lavender buds are not only bitter, they also promote relaxation and alliviate anxiety and stress paving a path for you to have some fun.


Frolic pairs nicely with cocktails crafted with whiskey, gin, vodka, or can simply be enjoyed with soda water or lemonade. Cocktail recipe included with the bottle.

Damiana is traditionally an aphrodisiac in Mexico, so naturally is a wonderful date night cocktail, flavor lemonade, or dash over vanilla ice cream!


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