Frolic: Aphrodisiac Bitters


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Frolic is a floral blend of lavender, rose, and damiana that will arouse your senses and surprise your taste buds with delight! Damiana is traditionally an aphrodisiac in Mexico. Test out traditions with some frolic in your drink or a dash over dessert! Alternatively use as a digestif to support digestion. Natural particulate and separation may occur, shake before use. 8.5oz

Pairs nicely with whiskey, gin, vodka, soda water, and lemonade. Recipe included with the bottle. 

Use 3-6 dashes (or 30-100 drops) to flavor cocktails, lemonade, and soda water, or your favorite desserts.

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Organic vodka, organic lavender, organic damiana, and organic rose petals.


8oz, 1oz


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