Global Adventure Herbal 1st Aid Kit



Traveling abroad? Hiking in the mountains? This kit will be your best friend! Especially designed for traveling abroad, this kit has a range of herbal remedies to support your travel adventure mishaps from simple itchy bug bites, to bacterial infections, to travelers diarrhea.



Blood-Stop Tincture

Cramp Tincture

Pain Relief Tincture

Primal Digestive Bitters

Tea Tree Oil

Healing Salve

Pain-Away Oil

Dehydration Mini Tea (one use)

Cayenne Pepper

Additional information


"Blood-Stop Tincture: Organic alcohol and organic yarrow

Cramp Tincture: Organic alcohol and organic cramp bark

Pain Relief Tincture: Organic alcohol and organic meadowsweet

Primal Digestive Bitters: Organic alcohol, organic meadowsweet, organic yarrow, organic chamomile, organic ginger root, and organic quassia bark.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil

Healing Salve: Organic olive oil, candillia wax, carnauba wax, organic comfrey leaf, organic plantain leaf, organic peppermint leaf, organic calendula, organic licorice roote, vitamin E oil, organic peppermint E.O., and organic lavender E.O.

Pain-Away Oil: Organic apricot kernel seed oil and camphor E.O.

Dehydration Mini Tea (one use): organic marshmallow root

Green Clay: organic green clay

Cayenne Pepper: organic cayenne pepper"


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