Moontime Relief Kit

Includes 4 products $77.00

plant-based, crafted with pure, organic botanicals
no synthetics or added chemicals
includes herbal tea, 2 tinctures, and aromatherapy
blended for menstrual cycle regulation and relief

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harmonize your cycle

Benefit from formulas containing herbs that have been used for their women’s health properties designed for easing cramps, bloating, and PMS to make your moontime easier.

the power players


plant profile


Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, has been traditionally employed to treat painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea), regulate menses and alleviate pain during labor or miscarriage. Additional benefits that have been noted by various studies include; nervine, digestive aid, diuretic, diaphoretic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. 

Source: Bioactive Compounds and Health Benefits of Artemisia Species. (2019)

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Cramp Stamp Botanical Extract: Smile upon menstrual or muscular cramps with this global botanical blend designed to make these moments easier. 

Moontime Tea (30-servings): Embrace the natural feminine rhythms within your body and in your blood. Warming and soothing cinnamon, long with supportive botanicals of lady’s mantle and yarrow are formulated for lightening heavy cycle flows and woes. 

Calm Aromatherapy Mist: Balance your mood and relax with this soothing blend of botanical herbs. Bergamot and vetiver have grounding properties that promote feelings of calm and relaxation.

Hormone Harmonies Botanical Extract: Enjoy this botanical blend formulated to help balance your hormones naturally and harmonize your body’s natural rhythms during every stage of life. Easy to use at home or on the go for irregular periods, menopause, or while you are trying to get pregnant naturally.


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