Primal: Classic Bitter Digestif


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Primal is a bitter blend of yarrow, quassia, chamomile, and more. Reminiscent of the ancient classics with a bitter bite. This blend will balance your inner ecosystem with it’s traditional ingredients that have been shown to greatly benefit digestion and GI tract discomforts. Natural particulate and separation may occur, shake before use.

Use in your classic whiskey drinks including a Manhattan or Old Fasioned. Recipe included with the bottle. 10% of sales go to support rainforest and ocean conservation projects. 8.5oz

Use 3-6 dashes (or 30-100 drops) to flavor cocktails. Alternatively for digestion, take 30 drops per day in water or straight.

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Organic vodka, organic meadowsweet, organic yarrow, organic chamomile, organic ginger root, and organic quassia bark.


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