Rejuvenate Me Set!


YESSSSS….the set that you have been waiting for! Step into serenity, and allow this combination of botanicals uplift and center your energy, spirit, and mind. Feel your physiology shift from these powerful phytochemicals in their extracted and whole forms as they mingle with your senses!

A bounty of botanical benefits…

Stress Stopper botanical extract: Restore your body’s natural balance and support stress management with this botanical adaptogen blend. Contains rhodiola, a powerful rhizome, used for centuries in ancient Greek medicine and by the Vikings for its remarkable health properties, including boosting endurance and strength. Add 60 drops of this daily to your favorite beverage or swig it down with some juice. ~1 month supply

Restore aromatherapy mist: Refresh and renew your essence, ready to enjoy your next event with this delightful intentional blend designed for daily life. Essential oils of rosemary and vetiver allow you to feel restored, energized, and grounded. Mist onto your face and inhale newness.

Relax soaking salts: A luxurious soak blend with botanical Epsom and Himalayan pink salts delivers rich minerals through the skin to help relax and detoxify the body. Epsom and Himalayan salts promote sleep and relaxation while organic lavender, rose botanicals, and essential oils have soothing effects on the nervous system. The perfect mind-body experience for your hands, feet, or whole body. ~6 small soaks or 2 baths

Relief aromatherapy roller: Uplift your mind, cool your body, and relieve tension with this peppermint essential oil blend. Apricot seed oil carries the peppermint’s properties and absorbs into your skin quickly and effectively for maximum benefit. Simply roll over tense muscles and back of neck. 


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