Sexual Vitality Set


Bring back your SPARK! Benefit from our formulas containing herbs that have been traditionally used for thousands of years as aphrodisiacs to support low sexual desire due to a range of causes. Ignite the desire and passion in your life! Crafted with organic ingredients. Read more below about each product in this luscious set below.

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Benefit from my formulas containing herbs that have been traditionally used for thousands of years as aphrodisiacs as well as overall sexual function. Our herbal Sexual Vitality products have been formulated with all organic ingredients to naturally support low sexual desire that is experienced by millions of individuals each year. This may be the result of a variety of top causes including stress, low energy, and boredom in the bedroom. Imagine feeling like you want to again. Close your eyes and connect to the sensual herbal experience to transport you into relaxation, energy, and creativity and sexual wellbeing. Includes instructions for how to optimally use this set!


  • Ignite: Botanical Extract 2oz. Delight in this erotic blend of botanicals through daily use to build your desire and instensify sensations. Step into an exotic world of presence and play with yourself or your partner. Allow these global traditional botanicals known for their aphrodisiac properties guide you into ecstasy.


  • Sexual VitaliTea 1.5oz.  This delightfully delicious tea is blended with one of natures best stimulating aphrodisiacs, damiana. Sip and sink into the sensuous flavors. Makes 30 cups, loose leaf. 


  • Arouse: Aromatherapy Mist 2oz. Get in the mood with this blend of essential oils designed to relax and arouse your being. Close your eyes and inhale the ylang ylang and jasmine, known for their aphrodisiac properties and have been used for thousands of years.


  • Pounce Powder: 8oz. A natural supplement powder blend designed to increase your energy and heighten your desire. Formulated with all organic adaptogenic and aphrodisiac plants known for their stamina and libido boosting properties. Add to smoothies, oatmeal, hot cocoa…


  • Lovely Lubricant: 2oz. Crafted with organic ingredients, this silky, long lasting personal lubricant protects, hydrates, and nourishes delicate intimate areas of the body and massages.

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Sexual VitaliTea: Organic nettles, organic damiana, organic elderberry, organic rose, organic licorice root

Arouse Sprizter: Distilled water, organic witch hazel, and an organic essential oil blend

Ignite Botanical Extract: Alcohol, organic epimedium, organic damiana, organic tulsi, and organic rhodiola


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