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Benefit from our formulas containing herbs that have been traditionally used for thousands of years as aphrodisiacs. Our herbal Sexual Vitality products have been formulated to naturally support low sexual desire that is experienced by millions of women each year. This may be the result of a variety of top causes including stress, low energy, and boredom in the bedroom. Imagine feeling like you want to again. Close your eyes and connect to the sensual herbal experience to transport you into relaxation, energy, and creativity and sexual wellbeing.

Each set contains a 1 month supply and instructions for optimal use.

Core 4 Includes:

  • Stress Less Tincture 2oz.: Adaptogenic herbs allow you to forget about stress in your life by supporting your adrenal glands and cortisol levels
  • Aphrodisiac Tea 2.5oz. Makes 60 cups: This delightfully delicious tea is blended one of natures best stimulating aphrodisiacs, damiana. Sip and sink into the sensuous flavors.
  • Seduction Sprizter 2oz.: Get in the mood with this blend of essential oils designed to relax and arouse your being. Close your eyes and inhale the ylang ylang and jasmine, known for their aphrodisiac properties and have been used for thousands of years.
  • Arousal Herbal Yoni Steam Blend 2 vials: Tantalize, moisten, and tease your vulva with this beautiful blend. Allow the warm water vapor to carry a botanical steam up and into you, and feel your arousal heighten.

Full Product Set Includes: (Coming soon)

  • Lovely Lubricant 2oz.
  • Frolic cocktail bitters 1oz.
  • Carnelian Yoni Egg, GIA certified (drilled, medium size)

Additional information


"Stress Less Tincture: Organic rhodiola, organic lemon balm, organic linden flower & leaf
Aphrodisiac Tea: Organic nettles, organic damiana, organic elderberry, organic rose, organic licorice root
Seduction Sprizter: Distilled water and organic essential oil blend
Arousal Yoni Steam Blend: Organic borrage, organic damiana, organic rose, organic lavender"


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