Tea Gift Set

net wt. 1.3oz (37 grams) $57.00

plant-based, crafted with pure, organic botanicals
no synthetics or added flavors
makes 30 cups from lose leaf tea each
formulated blends of florals, mints, and earthy botanicals

delight in flavor

A delicious selection of 4 Bridget’s Botanicals signature herbal tea blends crafted for a variety of occasions and uses to relax, nourish, and energize. Includes: Happy Tummy Tea, Love Life & Relax Tea, Pick Me Up Tea, and Nourish Me Tea.

the power players


plant profile


Many herbalists accredit Nettle, Urtica dioica, as one of the top nourishing herbs. Packed with vitamins A, C, D and K as well as high levels of calcium, potassium, iron and sulphur nettle provides your body with all the essentials. Due to its richness in essential nutrients, it has traditionally been proclaimed to have value in the treatment of numerous diseases.

Source: Nettle (Urtica dioica L.) extracts as functional ingredients for production of chocolates with improved bioactive composition and sensory properties. (2015)

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Happy Tummy Tea: Peppermint, calendula flower, plantain, meadowsweet, chickweed, chamomile, and yarrow

Love Life & Relax Tea: Passionflower, linden, milky oats, chamomile, spearmint, rose petals, and lavender

Pick Me Up Tea: Hibiscus flower, rosemary, peppermint, and orange peel

Nourish Me Tea: Nettles, rose petals, chamomile flowers, spearmint, and rosemary

Love Life & Relax Tea: Melts away stress and gives your nervous system the break it deserves with relaxing passionflower, chamomile, and spearmint. Enjoy after a long day to help your brain unwind.

Pick Me Up Tea: Revives your mind, body, and spirit with this refreshing blend when your energy levels fall. Packed with a zing of vitamin C, this tea is delicious iced or hot.

Nourish Me Tea: Supports overall health and wellbeing with this light, delicious, and nutrient-rich blend. Nettles are known among herbalists as one of the most nutrient-rich herbs. Enjoy hot or chilled year-round as a fundamental addition to your daily routine.

Happy Tummy Tea: Eases digestive upset and discomfort with a powerful blend formulated for internal ease. Crafted with peppermint and chamomile, this tea is ideal for persistent gut discomfort or simply to enjoy as a refreshing peppermint delight.


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