Wild World Bitters Cocktail Gift Set

Three 1oz bottles $39.00

plant-based, crafted with pure, organic botanicals
no synthetics or added chemicals
makes 20-30 drinks each
formulated with bitter botanicals to flavor and balance beverages

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taste the wild world

Experience 3 unique flavors in your cup that bring a fun twist to your cocktail or mocktail. Balance your beverage with florals, cacoa notes, or mountain bitter. 

the power players


plant profile


Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, is one of the most widespread and widely used medicinal plants throughout the world. It has a floral bitter flavor, perfect for balancing cocktails and mocktails. Traditionally bitters were used in Italy for aiding in digestion.

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Mix and match your bitters with any spirit. Our favorite blends are…

  • All three blend well with sparkling waters
  • Primal with whiskeys/bourbons
  • Frolic with gin and vodkas, lemonades
  • Awaken with whiskeys, tequilla, and rum

Primal: Classic bitter blend of organic yarrow, organic meadowsweet, organic chamomile, and organic quassia. Benefit twist…use for it’s digestive relief and enhancing properties.

Frolic: Floral blend of organic lavender, organic rose, and organic damiana. Benefit twist…use regulary to enjoy it’s aphrodisiac properties!

Awaken: Earthy blend of organic cacao, organic peppercorn and organic rosemary. Benefit twist…use for it’s energy boosting properties!


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