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Optimally nourish your body and naturally support the most common vaginal health imbalances experienced by 1 in 3 women. Our herbal Feminine Health product line promotes general women’s health and is designed to help naturally address vaginal infections, soothe irritations, and provide key nutrients for women’s health. Symptom-based products have been formulated with nature’s antibiotic and anti-fungal herbs traditionally used in clinical holistic health practices to assist with temporary relief while you integrate our natural preventative products into your life daily.

Each set contains a 1 month supply and instructions for optimal product use.

Core 4 Includes:

  • Nourish Me Tea, Net weight 1.3 oz. Makes 60 cups
  • Adrenal Support Tincture 2oz.
  • Happiness Spritzer 2oz.
  • Women’s Wellness Herbal Yoni Steam Blend 2 vials

Full Product Set Includes: (Coming soon)

  • Soothing Salve 2oz.
  • Pretty Panty Powder 2oz. Designed to keep the vulva dry and lightly powdered with herbs shown to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Ideal for use during times of discomfort with yeast or bacterial vaginosis infections, or as a weekly panty powder for individuals susceptible to recurrent infections.
  • Rose Quartz Yoni Egg, GIA certified (drilled, medium size)

Additional information


"Nourish Me Tea: Organic nettles, organic rosemary, organic chamomile, organic spearmint, organic rose
Pretty Panty Powder: Kaolin clay, organic corn starch, organic pau d' arco powder, organic chapparal powder, organic black walnut hull powder
B.Y. Balancing Tincture: Organic alcohol, organic oatstraw, organic lemon balm, organic echinacea, organic black walnut, organic oregon grape root, organic ashwaganda
Happiness Spritzer: Distilled water and blend of organic essential oils
Soothing Salve Women’s: Organic olive oil, organic carnauba wax, organic candillia wax, organic plantain, organic calendula, organic chckweed, organic lavender, organic rose, organic vitamin E oil, organic essentail oil blend of lemongrass, clary sage, and cedarwood
Wellness Yoni Steam Blend: Organic calendula, organic rose, organic lavender"


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