Wellbeing Set


The all in one botanical formulations package for optimizing nutrients, sleep, and energy naturally. Add on additional products to support vaginal health. Each set contains a 1 month supply of botanical formulations and instructions for optimal product use.

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Stress management and adrenal fatigue are far too common among individuals, especially entreprenuers, high acheiving, hard working, individuals, and Moms. Our Wellness Set promotes fundamental support with botanical extracts and blends to assist your energy, sleep, and nutrient levels. Formulated with adaptogens such as rhodiola that have been used for thousands of years, and nutrient rich botanicals like nettles, this set is your all in one for optimized natural health support. 

Each set contains a 1 month supply and instructions for optimal product use.


  • Nourish Me Tea 1.3 oz. 
  • Stress Stopper Tincture 2oz.
  • Deep Sleep Tincture 2oz.
  • Happy Aromatherapy Mist 2oz.
  • Relief Essential Oil Roller 2oz.

Add On:

Add on the remaining line to support vaginal health and balance for the complete wellness set. Optimally nourish your body and naturally support the most common vaginal health imbalances experienced by 1 in 3 women. Our herbal Feminine Health product line promotes general women’s health and is designed to help naturally address vaginal infections, soothe irritations, and provide key nutrients for women’s health. Symptom-based products have been formulated with nature’s antibiotic and anti-fungal herbs traditionally used in clinical holistic health practices to assist with temporary relief while you integrate our natural preventative products into your life daily.

  • Women’s Wellness Herbal Yoni Steam Blend 2 vials
  • Pretty Panty Powder 2oz. 
  • Rose Quartz Yoni Egg, GIA certified (drilled, medium size)


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Additional information


"Nourish Me Tea: Organic nettles, organic rosemary, organic chamomile, organic spearmint, organic rose
Pretty Panty Powder: Kaolin clay, organic corn starch, organic pau d' arco powder, organic chapparal powder, organic black walnut hull powder
B.Y. Balancing Tincture: Organic alcohol, organic oatstraw, organic lemon balm, organic echinacea, organic black walnut, organic oregon grape root, organic ashwaganda
Happiness Spritzer: Distilled water and blend of organic essential oils
Soothing Salve Women’s: Organic olive oil, organic carnauba wax, organic candillia wax, organic plantain, organic calendula, organic chckweed, organic lavender, organic rose, organic vitamin E oil, organic essentail oil blend of lemongrass, clary sage, and cedarwood
Wellness Yoni Steam Blend: Organic calendula, organic rose, organic lavender"


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