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What Should You Believe About Yoni Eggs?

What Should You Believe About Yoni Eggs?
Part 1

There have been some stirrings in the media recently about yoni eggs and since I include these gemstone eggs in some of my Women’s Health Sets I wanted to address some of the issues and share my thoughts.

Bloodstone Yoni Eggs

Let’s start with the history behind yoni eggs (pronounced ‘yo-knee’). They are first noted as being used in ancient Chinese practice, and the gemstone most commonly used was nephrite jade, which is a beautiful dark green version of the well-known stone. Nephrite jade was revered by the ancient Chinese and they believe it had mystical, grounding, and powerful properties. And they believed that jade contained properties that are especially helpful for women entering a new stage in their womanhood: menopause. So the concept of jade gemstones used for women’s health is not new and in fact has evolved over thousands of years.


Yoni Eggs and Women’s Sexual Health

The idea behind inserting gemstone eggs into the vagina centers around pelvic floor strengthening. They provide a natural way to exercise the pubococcygeus, or PC muscle. This name comes from where the muscle sits in our body–it stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone), 

thus the combined words of pubic and coccyx. The PC muscle has a very important function that we take for granted! It’s like a nice supportive sports bra for our pelvic organs. The egg placed inside the vagina encourages the woman to squeeze, or exercise the PC muscle, and hold the egg in.

Strengthening the PC muscle has many benefits including exercising the vaginal muscles which can create stronger orgasmic contractions and therefore increase orgasmic pleasure. Yes, please! Having a strong and well-exercised PC muscle also helps with bladder control, and can be beneficial for labor and delivery. During labor, a strong PC muscle can help facilitate a faster delivery because the woman is stronger and can push harder. As an added bonus, she might have an easier time healing after having the baby because she started out with strong internal muscles. Basically, it could just help you get a leg up, and not just in the stirrups, on your healing after delivery.

Lastly, regular exercising of the PC muscle encourages blood flow to the area, which can increase immunity for your female reproductive organs and keep your tissues healthy.

Why Gemstones?

Now, here’s where things can get controversial. You may be thinking, yes, I want to exercise and strengthen my PC muscle, but I why can’t I just use normal, metal, ben wa balls? You can, of course. However many people believe, myself included, that gemstones have properties that may affect the body and mind positively in addition to the major benefits of ben wa balls. Do I have scientific evidence of that? No. Do I feel it to be true and that gemstones benefit me? Wholeheartedly. The reasons I believe in the potential properties of gemstones are however based in science none the less.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series in which I discuss the energy properties of stones and how quantum physics comes into play, how to use a yoni egg, and the types of gemstones that are commonly used.

Please share your questions, or experiences with yoni eggs in the comments!

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